Domestic Abuse

Gwen Scott Counselling for Interpersonal Violence and Abuse
It is a sad reality that some relationships also contain bullying and “powering over” dynamics. Abusive behavior may include some or all of the following aspects: emotional, psychological, sexual, spiritual, cultural, verbal and physical. Abuse in all of its forms destroys the very souls of those involved. Over time the abused partner becomes increasingly more isolated, fearful and often thinks that suicide is the only way to escape their torment. If this describes your relationship, there is help available for you.

When I work with couples, I routinely do assessments to identify if domestic abuse is an issue, what forms it takes, and its severity. This is a complex problem in relationships, so besides working with the couple myself, I may also make referrals to other agencies as deemed appropriate. Couple therapy is contraindicated when domestic abuse is identified.

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