Couples Counselling


It is not unusual for couples to hit rough patches in their relationships. This is true for couples who are newly married, those who have young children, and also for those who have been married for many years. Life challenges and changes can cause stress and misunderstanding—even between couples who love and are committed to each other. You may have tried to work it out on your own, read self-help books, or gone to marriage enrichment seminars, but you are still not able to restore the harmony you desperately desire.

The good news is that by working together with a professional therapist, you will be able to identify the underlying issues and learn to take positive steps towards a healthier, more satisfying relationship. I work with couples in marriage enhancement, conflict resolution, communication and intimacy. I use both Sue Johnson’s and John Gottman’s models for couple therapy, and David Schnarch’s model when working with intimacy concerns (see full references for these and other marriage books on the Resources page).

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